Communicologist, software developer



First positions in Google

"and I'm not saying it"

Business software released and used by thouseands
By useing the Microsoft technology (Powerapps, Power BI, Sharepoint and Access) I've created softwares based on Latin America business needs.

Let's see some samples:

1st page in comercial searchs results
The first one is the one that really counts and it's value depends on the term.

Let´s see some samples:

Thousends of small business ready to hear us

Thousands of business in Mexico and Latin America receive in diary basis my newsletters and use my software as part of their diarly activities.

This creates an strong and powerfull channel of communication.

Personal Mission

Years ago I made the desicion to see my professional life as a hobbie in order to make a difference in my environment throught the usage of the tools I already have and the communication and tecnology knowlage I´ve reached.

Due to we have the promise that we´ll ve here for a while, why not invest it to offer to the world more than we ask for.

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